Why Your SEO Will Struggle Without Social Media


When drafting up a solid online marketing plan, SEO and social media should be seen as going “hand in hand.”  In order to see major results from these marketing efforts results, you have to incorporate one with the other.  Read on to learn more about the true importance of social media in your SEO marketing plan!

Concentrate on Content

It’s not about purchasing thousands of Twitter followers or Facebook likes.  Both SEO and social media will never prove themselves successful if they have terrible content to work with.  It’s about starting with great content aimed at grabbing readers’ attention; plus, not going overboard with distracting keyword density. Through valuable, reader-friendly content, you’ll encourage readers to sign up for e-mail newsletters or purchase your digital products.

Why Your Social Media Presence Matters

Along with blog posts and articles, tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ page content and YouTube videos are also a part of your online content collection.  Social media is one of the leading sources for promoting that content online, but it’s features can also factor into your SEO rankings as well!

Google examines your social media activity when calculating a search engine ranking.  Whenever your business is mentioned, retweeted, shared and liked on social media, it makes those search engines notice you a whole lot more.

It’s easy to see why people purchase more likes and followers with these added seo ranking requirements, but inauthentic followers won’t turn, or convert, into buyers and loyal readers.  Furthermore, they won’t continue to retweet your message, mention your service or share your content because they’re not your target audience.  It’s important to take the time to grow these efforts organically.

The Google+ Experiment

It’s never too late to get serious about social media’s role in your SEO plan.  A great way to get started is through Google+.  Not only is it Google’s social networking tool, but it can also be a fantastic vehicle for successful SEO.

Google is the web’s search engine giant.  One of the major perks of using their own social networking platform is that Google+ profiles and pages can achieve a better page rank than other social media pages.